• Drag Race Bike

    After the success of Drag Race comes Drag Race Bike! With incredible graphics, 36 different bikes and 5 exotic locations, it’s fun beyond means.

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  • Temple Thief

    Temple Thief is here to steal your hearts! It is one of those rare games that captivate you from the first tap on the screen.

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  • Zombie Chicken Frenzy

    With exquisite graphics, fantastic sound effects and a ridiculously simple gameplay, Zombie Chicken Frenzy is as addictive as ... well, killing zombies!

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  • Magical Butterfly

    Magical Butterfly is a puzzle game that tickles your brain in a superb way. With eye-catching visuals and 100 amazing levels, it mercilessly sucks you into its awesomeness!

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  • Insult Generator Slot Machine

    Enjoy the brutal, merciless fun of insulting your friends! With amazing, smile-inducing, rib-tickling cuss words, insulting has never been so creative!

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