Reciproci: Loyalty Experience Platform

Reciprocate value to your customers

New age digital enterprises need a comprehensive customer experience and loyalty management platform to build and grow a community of loyal customers. Reciproci is a platform built for first world of AI driven personalization, AR enabled experience, Personified IoT and Mobile (Cardless loyalty).

Move beyond traditional loyalty

Engage to Acquire

Engage your existing customers to bring them back. Enable your existing customer to win new customers for you

Relevant to Convert

Offer context sensitive and relevant content tailor-made for your individual customers for high-conversion

Customer Insights

Know your customer, measure the interaction, simulate campaigns and maximize your reach

Gamification Mechanics

Engage virtually, enable users to evangelize your brand and gratify instantly

Key features

Frictionless Onboarding

Onboarding is seen as the biggest deterrent to precipitate a loyalty programme. Reiproci comes with an easy 1-2-3 approach, which is secure and yet unintrusive.

Proximity Marketing

Reciproci senses the customer location and offers a personalized experience, messaging & sales.


Reciproci can be configured for level ups, badges, prizes, adding incentives to your loyalty programme and driving customer to digital delight.

Cardless Loyalty

Many programmes find no endorsers because of absence of cards at point of purchase. Logistics of maintaining many cards is a turn off, Reciproci steals the deal with a mobile loyalty system.

CRM integration

Reciproci can get meaningful insights with data from your customer platform in real time.


Integrated ChatBots can be leveraged for service requests and QRCs, enabling assurance at all times.

Network of affiliate stores

We can set your network of partners with our Plug & Play Integrations for earn & burn. You can leverage from our extensive portfolio or any API enabled partner of your choice.

Real time updates

Real time notifications. Real time Redemption . Real time insights . These are all possible with Reciproci.


Reciproci is blockchain enabled. Best suited for secure transactions and exchange of data and economies across geographies.

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