Listen, Analyze sentiments, Engage & Measure

Turn your social media data into actionable insights to maximize customer loyalty and satisfaction. Gain control over your social media marketing and engage with customers and prospects. Avoid crisis situation with Sentiment analysis and maintain a positivity around the brand. Sociotree is a customer service platform which enables you to build valuable relationships with the customer on the social channel.

Move to the Next Level

Brand Management

Boost your Marketing & Sales with relevant content targeting, Position you brand value with a balanced social image, stay ahead with competitor

Reputation Management

Real-time actionable insights ensure you don’t miss out any opportunity, Social listening enables you to avoid crisis situation

Social CRM

Automated workflow speed up your response time, measurable insights on team collaboration helps eliminate any performance lag

Social Command Center

Elaborate Dashboards provide a 360-degree view, easy customization caters to specific requirements and track complaints/queries which need attention

Key Features

Efficient Data Listening

Insights and Analysis

Easy Social CRM

Footprint / Sentiment Analysis

Live Updates

Panoramic Reporting

Listen to social media buzz around your relevant brand keywords and industry keywords

Analyze the conversations and discover the context. Identify influencers and loyal customers

Act on priorities. Engage with customers and influencers to build your brand reputation

Measure your reach, engagement, and influence on social media. Gain insights to optimize your action

Understand Your Customers Like Never Before With Our Customer Experience Platform

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