ThreatMetrix A New Paradigm in Identity Intelligence

ThreatMetrix, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Company, provides an end-to-end platform for digital identity intelligence and trust decisions and is the market-leading solution for authenticating digital identities and online transactions in real-time.
  • The ThreatMetrix solution provides a sophisticated user authentication and risk assurance platform. This platform leverages the collective power of the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network to deliver unmatched device intelligence, user behavioural analysis, security threat detection and fraud prevention with real-time decisioning and orchestration capabilities.
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  • The ThreatMetrix solution is delivered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. This allows ThreatMetrix clients to obtain comprehensive risk profiles for real-time decisions, without requiring significant capital or resource outlay. Integration touch points are minimal and promote low time-to-value realization. This solution can be applied to web-based, mobile web, and native iOS/Android applications.
  • The Digital Identity Network is fueled by more than 3 billion monthly transactions across the tens of thousands of global websites of our 6,000 customers and partners. Key customers include major banks, insurance, payment processors, alternate payment, credit card, eCommerce retailers, social media, telco, content distribution, ticketing, travel, and hospitality companies throughout the world, all of which use the Digital Identity Network to prevent fraud, protect against security threats and passively authenticate digital identities across multiple channels and business units.

TechTree IT Systems understands the significance of having an exceptional online reputation. This means the optimum mix between usability, frictionless transactions, seamless access on multiple devices and ensuring security for customer-facing applications. To enable organizations, achieve this, TechTree IT Systems has partnered with ThreatMetrix world’s leading Digital Identity Company. Working with ThreatMetrix, TechTree IT Systems is able to offer solutions to organizations across industry verticals. TechTreeIT is an authorized reseller of ThreatMetrix Products and Services in India.

Make Smarter & Faster Trust Decisions


Customer Recognition rate


Reduction in Fraud Loss


Fewer Abandoned Transactions


Less customer intervention


Banking & Brokerage

Support Full Digital Account Opening While Performing Frictionless Authentication


Reduce Payment Fraud and Provide Frictionless Checkout


Approve More Legitimate Loans With Less Processing Expense


Enhance the Online Gaming Experience While Detecting Fraud and Problem Gamblers


Ensure Appropriate Content Access and Enhance Fraud Protection Without Adding Friction

Payment Processing

Increase Payment Processing Confidence and Efficiency


Real-time passive authentication to prevent fraudulent reservations and reviews


Eliminate Fraud Early in the Customer Journey and Deliver a Personalized Omnichannel Experience


Protect Digital Government Programs While Reducing User Friction

Threatmetrix Powers the Digital Economy

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