Techtree IT 10 year journey

There’s a reason a 10-year period is endowed with the special title of ‘decade’ that sets it in the league of the jubilees, the century and periods of the like. The reason is quite simple, it is a milestone. TechTreeIT as a firm has had the good fortune and absolute grit to fight its way to make it to this milestone.

A lot of the credit for our success goes to our associates. Through these 10 years we have had the absolute honour to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. On reaching this milestone we decided to let the TTitans that have made Techtree who it is take center stage and show off their skills on camera!


TechTree 10th Anniversary Video

Celebrating 10th Anniversary @ TechTreeIT Systems. A decade of Knowledge, Transformation and Delight.

Posted by TechTreeIT Systems (P) Ltd on Friday, March 11, 2016

The Key to Brand Differentiation

The Key to Brand Differentiation

Since times the immemorial price has been a key, if not the only brand differentiator in this beautiful sub-continent of India. With the rise of e-commerce, this has become even more evident if it wasn’t already. A shift in shopping trends towards buying online at lesser prices is a trend that has picked up by the Indians. Cash burn rates of players like Snapdeal, Jabong, Paytm and Flipkart have floored prices for products to levels that were previously unheard of.

But when the competition is between Big players with deep pockets, Price and even the Product sold is no longer a differentiator. The product you see on Flipkart will be the same as the one available on Snapdeal and Amazon at approximately similar prices.

With heavy discounts leading to faster cash burns, e-commerce giants are shifting to “Plan B” which stresses focus on the customer experience in using their service. You may have noticed the multiple advertisements by Flipkart and Amazon, reassuring their customers of Guaranteed returns, Original products, Seamless service. It is an awakening of sorts where these giants take a step back and realize that they could fight this out in one of the two ways, either get in to a price war with cash burn rates that are unfeasible, or enhance customer experience and try to create a certain brand loyalty which has been lacking in this industry.

Morgan Stanley’s new valuation of Flipkart is an eye-opener for these players that their “Plan A” is not a sustainable form of operations and a shift to a more customer experience-oriented approach as opposed to a price-oriented approach is the need of the hour and key to sustainability and success.

This inevitability has led to a shifting trend in brand differentiators in the eCommerce platform from price to customer experience. In an industry that was originally meant to ease the life of its customers and allow them to shop from the comfort of their homes, the prodigal sons seem to be finding their way back to this very core principle.

A brand is quite simply defined as Trust. Trust is built based on the experience received. The experience received will result in a certain Brand Loyalty. And finally, this Brand Loyalty will inturn strengthen the brand. This is a simple cycle that needs to be at the forefront of your operational strategy!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is all about being present and engaging your target audience directly, but at the same time, the medium is largely unorganized and uncontrolled. In order to succeed, you will need a strategy which helps you to reach out to the right audience and join in with the global conversation that is social media. One of the best way to accomplish this is Social Media Monitoring.

Social Media Monitoring allows users to find insights into a brand’s overall visibility on social media, measure the impact of campaigns, identify opportunities for engagement, assess competitor activity and share of voice, and be alerted to impending crises. It can also provide valuable information about emerging trends and what consumers and clients think about specific topics, brands or products.

TechTreeIT enables businesses to perform Online Reputation Management (ORM), Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing, Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis. The Social media management tool is equipped with capability to manage multiple social media channels, collaborate between teams, engage and publish content on social media channels, monitor social web based on keywords and channels, generate social media analytics reports and campaign performance reports.

In addition to the technology team, TechTreeIT consulting team also consists of team of social media researchers, community manager and content creators. The team has capability to design social media campaigns, execute them and provide structured reporting and communication with the client. The solution offers unified view of customer engagement across the social media and 360-degree view of customer through integration with Enterprise CRM. The solution also provides complete social listening/workflow setup for an organization or provide in-premise installation of the solution.

Recently TechTreeIT implemented a white label Social Media Solution for a Govt agency by unifying all the social media messages in one single platform for the Govt agency to engage with citizens on real-time basis to address the citizen grievances, publishing new initiatives taken by the departments and analytics dashboard.